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1923: THE PRINCIPLE OF RELATIVITY Eintein, A. & Lorentz, H.A. & Weyl, H. & Minkowski, H.

The Theory of Relativity is at the moment the subject of two main lines of inquiry:  there is an endeavour to express its principles in logical and concise form, and there is the struggle with analytical difficulties which stand in the way of further progress. In the midst of such problems it is easy to forget the way in which the theory gradually grew under the stimulus of physical experiment, and thus to miss much of its meaning. It is this growth which the present collection of papers is designed chiefly to exhibit. In the earlies papers thereare somethings which the authors would no doubt now express differently; the later papers deal with problems which are not by any means yet fully solved. At the end we must confess that Relativity is still very much of a problem -and therefore worthy of our study.

Ref. 4729
Autores: Eintein, A. & Lorentz, H.A. & Weyl, H. & Minkowski, H.
Idioma: English
Editorial: Dover (New York)
13,50x20,50 cm.
216 páginas. Cubiertas en rústica. Buen estado.

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